TFA West CUSL Rescheduling Guidelines

After receiving the initial game schedule from the league, coaches and admins must review this information to determine which games must be rescheduled due to conflicts such as tournaments.  Do not wait to do this.  Identify any conflicts immediately.

Below are the steps to follow to reschedule a game.

1.       Contact your opponent via email (save all email correspondence) to let them know that you have a conflict and ask them for their availability to reschedule.

o   Contact information for CUSL teams is located on the Standings page of the CUSL websites.

o   You should come up with a couple options on dates/times for the game.  Work with your opponent to agree on possible dates/times.

2.       If you are the home team, you must contact Kevin Scherer at to reschedule your game.  Kevin will find a field for the game and will assign referees to the game.  The following information must be included with your email request:

o   Home Team Number, Age Group, CUSL division (coach or team name are OK as additional information). (e.g. G9708 U14 SECOND)

o   Visiting Team Number or team name (e.g. G9715 or Cincinnati West Firehawks)

o   Original game information (game number, date, time, field). (e.g. 1045 Sun Apr 11@ 4:30 pm 96-11)

o   Requested game information (date and time – multiple ones if possible). (e.g. Tuesday April 13th after 6:15)

3.       Kevin will contact you with rescheduled date/time.

4.       Contact your opponent to provide the reschedule information.

5.       Log into the Team area of the CUSL website.  Click on “Record a game score”.  Click on the “Reschedule” link for the appropriate game to enter the reason for the reschedule and the rescheduled date/time.


  • Refer to the Home page of the CUSL website for updates on current pre and post play rules and dates.
  • Refer to the CUSL Calendar for the dates for the earliest pre-play game and the latest date to schedule a game for the season.
  • If you find that the opposing coach is not being reasonable on re-scheduling, please contact the CUSL Club Representative for assistance.  DO NOT CONTACT THE GIRLS/BOYS COORDINATORS DIRECTLY.
  • If the match is cancelled due to weather, you have 3 weeks from the original date to play it.  Teams must agree upon a new date and enter it into the system within one week.
  • The winning team (or Home team in the case of a tie) should enter the code (reason why the game was not played) into the CUSL system by 10:00 pm the day of the game.  Click on the reschedule link and enter the appropriate code.  For example, if the game was cancelled due to weather/rainout, the code is "RO".


Click on the link below for the most recent schedule provided by Kevin, that includes current reschedules:

TFA Home Schedule (net yet available)

TFA West Buckeye Rescheduling Guidelines

Due to the fact that Buckeye league games are self-scheduled, there should not be many situations in which the games need to be rescheduled.  Refer to the Buckeye Rescheduling Guidelines posted on the BPYSL website for guidance on accepted reasons to reschedule.

! Note:  Kevin Scherer is no longer responsible for providing referees for Buckeye League games.  He is only responsible for providing fields.  Buckeye is responsible for providing referees.  You must follow the procedure below to make sure your reschedules are handled properly.

1.       Contact your opponent via email (save all email correspondence) to notify them of the conflict and work to find 2-3 other possible dates to play.

2.       Contact Kevin Scherer at and provide the original game information (date, time, location, opponent) and the 2-3 possible dates to reschedule.

3.       Once Kevin provides confirmation of field availability for your reschedule, log into the Buckeye website and complete the online Reschedule Request. (Click on “Schedules” and then “Online Game Reschedule Request Form”)

4.       Once Buckeye replies with confirmation and approval of your reschedule, contact Kevin to let him know of the final reschedule date and time and provide again the original game information so he can cancel the original game and record the reschedule.

5.       Contact your opponent for final confirmation of the new date, time and location.


  • Refer to the Buckeye Calendar for the earliest and latest dates games can be scheduled.
  • All home games should be played at our TFA Harrison location rather than Miami Whitewater if possible.
  • Be sure to email directions to our fields to your opponents as they are not on the BPYSL website.


Contact Info:

Kevin Scherer